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A proud provider of bespoke information security software focused on helping the defenders.

"Designing the battlefield" is one of the main advantages defenders have in information security. Let us help you make the most of it.

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The hardest job in infosec: the defender...

We hope to help through our portfolio of open source and paid products.

  • Attackers are skilled and more plentiful than ever.
  • These times are tough for security budgets. Security programs are harder than ever to shore up.
  • Designing the battlefield is your biggest advantage.

SecurityHub Heatmap

A container via the AWS marketplace that gives you visual insights into your SecurityHub findings and quickly narrow in on critical gaps.

Monthly Subscription, unlimited users, findings, accounts

Data Lake

Finally an easy, serverless way to gather all your logs, SaaS events, etc into one place for safe keeping, investigations and incident response.

Open Source. Get it here


Advanced alerting systems to help cut down the noise of the modern SOC.

Coming Soon

top secret

Top Secret coordinated alert triage and response platform. Stay tuned!

Security Hub 3D Heatmap

Security Hub

AWS SecurityHub is a great way to gather findings, but not that great for analysis of where to start remediation

defendA SecurityHub Heatmap

Our intuitive heatmap visualization allows you to instinctively narrow in on your gaps from all accounts, all regions and focus your remediation efforts.

Get it here today from the aws marketplace!

defendA security data lake


Don't let arbitrary license limits or cost/effort of maintaining infrastructure stop you from collecting security events.

Serverless, JSON, SQL

This package of easy to deploy serverless components gives you a fast, flexible and easy to operate event pipeline for normalizing, enrichment, investigations and incident response.

Get it here today from github!


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